Payment methods


With PayPal companies and consumers with an email address can send and receive online payment in a secure, simple and inexpensive manner. The PayPal service which enables users to send payment free of charge can be accessed using PCs and mobile telephones. Our PayPal account is

Visa & Mastercard

Creditcard payment can be handled through the website . Your credit card details are submitted in a secure environment and are not recorded by us. We forehold the right to refuse creditcard payments from certain countries or regions. We may ask for additional personal information.

Bank Transfer

If you prefer to pay in a known, trusted way, you can execute an (International) bank transfer. Payment in advance is a safe method of payment that brings no extra costs with it. It does take one or more days for the payment to reach the account of OWL-GUITARS though. This can lead to delay in the delivery of your order. Please make sure that the exact amount is transferred without deduction of costs. Always mention a sales- or weborder number to ensure we can place your payment to your account. Also please consider any exchange rates. To calculate prices in your currency, please use the universal currency converter:

Bank account details:
IBAN: NL52 ABNA 0246 6948 74


Pay After Delivery

At OWL-GUITARS you can place your order using Klarna Pay After Delivery. Receive your goods and settle your bill within 14 or 30 days of your purchase depending on the store, interest-free,

You can both pay for your online order and collect it by appointment. In that case you can pay with cash,

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