Fender Custom Shop Greg Fessler Masterbuilt 55 Relic Stratocaster

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2011 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Greg Fessler

'55 Stratocaster Relic Electric Guitar White Blonde

Everyone dreams of finding a vintage Strat that's been broken in to,

perfection over the course of nearly 60 years.

This pre-owned 1955 Relic Stratocaster was constructed by Custom Shop,

Masterbuilder Greg Fessler to capture the spirit of those vintage instruments!

The White Blonde finish has been tastefully aged for a played-in look and feel.

The neck gets the light Relic treatment as well, with a comfortable soft "V" shape coupled with a ,

modern style 9.5" radius fingerboard for amazing playability.

All of the traditional Strat sounds are here as well,

with three Fender Fat '50s single-coils wired to a five-way switch for full-bodied neck pickup sounds,

quacky "in-between" tones, and biting treble leads.


Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Guitars .

They truly are the best the company has to offer.

From an expertly executed relic to an elaborately inlaid art piece,

the Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilder's are simply the best of the best.

We have been with the Fender Custom Shop since its inception and can attest to the fact that a ,

Masterbuilt guitar from Fender is the best Fender that money can buy,

now, or ever! Sure, the vintage ones are... vintage.

These guitars are built by the best luthiers Fender has found,

utilizing modern manufacturing techniques, yielding tolerances far tighter ,

than anything done in the years without CNC Machines.

These truly are simply the best,

made-to-order guitars that you can get from the Fender Custom Shop.

We have been lucky to see pieces from former Masterbuilder's like John English and Jay Black.

These days you'll commonly find pieces from Dale Wilson, Todd Krause, Dennis Galuszka, Paul Waller,

Jason Smith, Yuriy Shishkov, Greg Fessler, Ron Thorn, Carlos Lopez,

Kyle McMillin, and Vincent Van Trigt. That's right,

all of em! Granted we have a hard time keeping Masterbuilt's in stock ,

for long so make sure to check back often to see the latest and greatest!

Greg Fessler

Greg Fessler came to the Fender Custom Shop in 1990,

working his way up through the ranks as an apprentice.

He assisted with the Robben Ford signature line of guitars,

eventually becoming the sole builder of those instruments and,

later, Ford’s personal builder.

Fessler has built one-off Stratocaster and Telecaster models for a host of players,

including Joe Bonnamasa, Jeff Healey, Hank Marvin, John Mayer, Rhonda Smith,

Neil Schon and Pete Wentz, to name only a few.

Fessler’s remarkable abilities as a Master Builder have earned him ,

accolades from many Fender artists and from discerning customers worldwide.

His meticulous attention to detail is exemplified in every instrument he creates,

each of which is a perfect example of the intense commitment it takes to earn the title of Master Builder.

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Made by Master Builder Greg Fressler

Relic finish

Vintage tweed case

Body: Ash body

Lacquer finish

Light relic, heavy checking, minor arm wear, minor dings.

Hardware: Vintage Strat relic hardware

Vintage Strat relic bridge

Fender logo tuners

Neck: 56 Strat maple neck

Dot inlays

Maple fingerboard

9.5" fingerboard radius

56 style "V" shape


56 Strat pickguard

Strat Fat '50s pickups

Guitar has been fully inspected and adjusted by our pro luthier.

Showing all original parts

Complete inspection of the guitar:

Clean the the guitar
Check electronics
Check all screws and hardware
Check frets for sharp edges
Polish frets
Oil fretboard (ebony and rosewood)
New strings (Ernie Ball)
Set neck relief
Set action
Check nut
Set pick-up height
Intonate the guitar using a Peterson Strobe Tuner

comes with:

*Original hardshell case

*Certificate of Authenticity,

* new guitar pick,s

*new strings (ernie ball )

free schipping in the
European union


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