fender stratocaster customshop chrome 1993

€ 7.469,00 € 5.600,00 (inkl. MwSt - versandkostenfrei!)

Fender Custom Shop Chrome

Aluminum Stratocaster built in 1993

***mint condition***

Very rare opportunity: Fender Custom Shop Aluminum Stratocaster built in 1993 .

With a chrome plated finished stunning ebony finger board.

The story is that after Fender designed the Harley Davidson 90th Anniversary aluminum-bodied Strats,

they had a few Chrome aluminium bodies left over and decided to build -

The Custom shop Chrome Aluminium body Stratocaster ,

without the motorcycle artwork .

The aluminium adds a nice amount of resonance with some added overtones -

that really give the guitar a unique Stratocaster sound.

It includes the original case with certificate of authenticity (dated 1993 )

With a certificate of authenticity signed by the then manager John Page.

Own a piece of Fender history.

From a time before the Custom Shop became dominated by the time machine series,

this all chrome bodied Stratocaster is a modern exploration of everything a Strat can be,

and everything the extreme talent of the Fender Custom Shop can craft.

The Chrome Strat was designed to be a show piece of any collection with its Chrome plated Aluminium body,

Fender Custom Shop engraved Scratchplate,

Birdseye Maple neck with Ebony Fretboard,

Locking tuners

And 3 hand wound Custom Shop pickups that sound great!

An absolute rarity, this instrument is a piece of Fender future history,

A must-have for any serious Fender collector.

- all original and in mint condition-

It never has been played,

there is still the protection sticker on the tremolo mounting hole.

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Scale Length : 25 1/2"

Weight: 3.7 kg
8.1 lb

Body Depth : 1 11/16"

Width at Lower Bout : 12 1/2"

Nut Width : 1 11/16"

Pickups : 3 hand wound Custom Shop,
Single Coil pickups

Fretboard Wood : Ebony

Guitar has been fully inspected and adjusted by our pro luthier.

Showing all original parts

Complete inspection of the guitar:

Clean the the guitar
Check electronics
Check all screws and hardware
Check frets for sharp edges
Polish frets
Oil fretboard (ebony and rosewood)
New strings (Ernie Ball)
Set neck relief
Set action
Check nut
Set pick-up height
Intonate the guitar using a Peterson Strobe Tuner

comes with:

*Original hardshell case
*Certificate of Authenticity,
* new guitar pick,s
*new strings (ernie ball )

free schipping in the
European union


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